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All submitted articles are reviewed by the Editorial board members or external reviewers. External review assists the editorial board in making editorial decisions. The number of reviews for one article is unlimited. If the editor notices that the article has significant drawbacks that were not mentioned by the reviewer, or if she/he finds out about a conflict of interest or unethical behavior of an author or a reviewer, the article should be reviewed again. The final decision about the article is made by the journal editorial board.

The process of the paper review is confidential and anonymous: the reviewer knows the author but the author does not know the reviewer.

The following points should be mentioned in the review:

  1.    Whether the article is consistent with journal specialization;

  2.    The level of scientific research in the article:

•    new results presented in the article;

•    any false statements in the article;

•    whether the reviewer finds the article useful and relevant;

•    whether the references to other authors’ works allow to determine the status of the article among other publications;

  ​3.    The article design estimation:

•    whether the title and the annotation reflect the content of the article;

•    whether the goal of the work is presented in the Introduction;

•    whether the main conclusions of the work are presented in the Conclusion;

•    whether the article requires any corrections;

 4.    Making the conclusion:

•    the article can be published in the “International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition”;

•    the article can be published in the “International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition” after improvements by the author;

•    the article requires a serious improvement and can be considered again after an additional review.

The negative review should be prepared on a separate page and will be sent to the authors.

On the basis of the review the editorial board makes one of the following decisions:

•    to publish the article in the “International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition”;

•    to return the article to its authors for improvement;

•    to refuse the publication of the article.

The refused article can be submitted again after a serious improvement.