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Vapor-phase protection of steel by inhibitors based on salts of higher carboxylic acids

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A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky pr. 31, 119071 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract: It has been shown that it is possible to create a technology for efficient protection of steel items by short-term treatment in vapors of low-volatile corrosion inhibitors in specialized chambers at elevated temperatures. A combination of physical (XPS), electrochemical (potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) and corrosion methods (recurrent moisture condensation on specimens in laboratory as well as outdoor tests) was used to study the properties of adsorption films formed on steel in vapors of higher carboxylic acids (stearic, oleic and linolenic), polyamine A, and their mixtures. It was found that carboxylic acids and the polyamine synergistically enhance the protective aftereffect of each other. The protective aftereffect of the mixed inhibitors studied depends on the temperature of metal treatment and is the longest after treatment at 120°C. Upon one-hour treatment of steel with mixed chamber inhibitors at this temperature, nano-sized adsorption layers are formed on steel. They inhibit corrosion processes under the model conditions and provide a long-term protection of steel from atmospheric corrosion in outdoor tests.

Keywords: atmospheric corrosion, steel, temporary protection, chamber corrosion inhibitors, nano-sized protective films

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2019-8-3-9

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