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Da-Quan Zhang

Dr. Da-Quan Zhang is a professor in Environmental Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power. He is the chief director of Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline—“Applied Chemistry in Electric Power Plant and Environmental Protection”. From 2008,Prof. Da-Quan Zhang became Vice Chairman of Corrosion Inhibition Committee in “China Society of Corrosion and Protection”. In 2009, he was elected as Vice President of Rust-proofing Division in “China Association of Material Surface Engineering”. He is also the member of National Standardization Committee for Chemical Machinery and Equipment.


Mailing address:
Department of Environmental Engineering
Shanghai University of Electric Power,
2103 Pinliang Road, Shanghai 200090




Da-Quan Zhang graduated from East China University of Science & Technology and received his Ph.D in 1999. He was hired as professor of Shanghai University of Electric Power in October 2004. Prof. Da-Quan Zhang was supported by the New Century Excellent Talent program of the Ministry of Education (2008), the ShuGuang Scholar program of Shanghai (2004). From 2007 to 2008, he was “Brain Pool” Fellow in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea. He also worked as “BK” Visiting scholar in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea (2011.12-2012.2) and Visiting scholar in Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University, Australia (2013.12-2104.1).


Prof. Da-Quan Zhang is an expert in metal corrosion and prevention, including electrochemical analysis, corrosion inhibition theory and technology. Prof. Da-Quan Zhang’s research work has spanned the range from basic research to engineering application and focuses on corrosion inhibition, corrosion protection of heat-exchange materials, and new materials design. He has worked extensively in the area of environmentally acceptable corrosion inhibition. He has also conducted research examining the electrochemical characteristics of various organic hetero-cycle compounds and energy storage. Results have been used to develop as environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor for industrial application. He has published 200 scientific works, including 70 SCI papers (as first author or corresponding author). He wins Technical development Award from Shanghai Municipal Government (2005) and Creation and Invention Award from Shanghai Municipal Government (2007).