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F. Bolzoni

_foto Fabio ridottaFabio Maria Bolzoni, Associate Professor
Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica “G. Natta”, Laboratorio
di Corrosione dei Materiali “Pietro Pedeferri”


Mailing address: Via Mancinellli 7, 20131 Milano (Italy)


1990: M.Sci. Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, MS Thesis on cathodic protection of steel in concrete; 1991: Grant by SNAM SpA (Italian Gas company) for the study of hydrogen embrittlement; 1992-1995: PhD Electrochemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, PhD thesis on corrosion and protection of steel in concrete; 1994: 6 months research at “Instituto Torroja – CSIC”, Madrid; 1996: Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano; 2002: Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano. From 2015, F. Bolzoni is a member of the Editorial board of the International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition. He is referee for the scientific journals “Corrosion Science”, “Corrosion Engineering, Science and technology”, “European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering”, “Construction and Building materials”. He is vice-chairman of the corrosion center at the Italian Association of Metallurgy (Centro corrosione – Associazione italiana di metallurgia, European Federation of Corrosion Member). F. Bolzoni is the author or coauthor of more than 140 papers in scientific journals (25 international), books (6 international), and congress proceedings (international and national).


Research activity is devoted to materials corrosion and protection, mainly: corrosion and corrosion control in industrial plants, with special reference to oil and gas industry, and in natural environments; durability of reinforced concrete structures: rebars corrosion and prevention; cathodic protection of metallic and reinforced concrete structures.