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Alla Ivanovna Altsybeeva is a chief researcher at LLC “NPO Neftekhim”, Doctor of Engineering, Professor.


Mailing address: Pulkovskaya st., 10, bldg. 1, lit. A, office 48Н, 196158 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.


A.I. Altsybeeva graduated from the Chemistry Department of Leningrad State University, defended a Ph.D. thesis in 1964 and a doctoral thesis in 1987. She obtained the Professor title in 1991. She worked at Leningrad air academy from 1958 till 1960. From 1960 till 1963, she was a postgraduate student at Leningrad State University. From 1963 till 1965 she worked at the Institute of experimental medicine and from 1965 till 2012, at the All-Union research institute of petrochemical processes, since 1977 as Head of Laboratory of Corrosion inhibitors. In 2007, she was awarded the title “Honored scientist of Russian Federation”. She repeatedly obtained prizes of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society  and medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. She has published 263 scientific works, including the guidebook “Metal corrosion inhibitors”, the book “Corrosion protection of refinery equipment”, and the book “System for corrosion protection of oil refinery equipment”. She is an author of 40 inventions. She is an Editorial Board member of the “Korroziya: materialy i zashchita” journal (“Corrosion: metals and protection”, in Russian).


A.I. Altsybeeva is an expert in metal corrosion inhibitors and in corrosion protection of equipment for primary and secondary oil processing.