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Volatile inhibitors of atmospheric corrosion of ferrous and nonferrous metals. IV. Application of the VNKh-L-408 inhibitor in an electrostatic field

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All-Russia Research Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Zheleznodorozhnyi pr. 40, St. Petersburg, 192148 Russian Federation

Abstract: Some aspects of the application of VNKh-L-408 inhibitor in an electrostatic field (the kinetics of its evaporation from the surfaces of various metals, the causes of its higher efficiency upon electrostatic application, and the mechanism of its action) are discussed. A technology for electrostatic application of powdered inhibitor to metal surfaces has been developed.

Keywords: electrostatic field, kinetics of evaporation, application technology

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2013-2-3-194-202

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