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Volatile inhibitors of atmospheric corrosion of ferrous and nonferrous metals. I. Physical and chemical aspects of selection of starting reagents and synthetic routes

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All-Russia Research Institute of Petrochemical Processes, ul. Pulkovskaya 10, St. Petersburg, 192148 Russian Federation

Abstract: The paper discusses the relationship between the physicochemical and electronic characteristics of various metals and molecular parameters of inhibitors that allows a better prediction of the efficiency of volatile inhibitors of atmospheric corrosion (VIACs) of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The high efficiency of commercial VNKh-L inhibitors based on Schiff and Mannich bases as VIACs is substantiated. It is demonstrated by analyzing the main molecular characteristics that products of complex condensation of nitrogen-containing compounds with aldehydes can serve as highly efficient VIACs.

Keywords: physical and chemical aspects, volatile inhibitors, atmospheric corrosion, ferrous and nonferrous metals, Schiff and Mannich bases

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2012-1-1-051-064

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