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Suppression of local corrosion of steel, brass and copper with IFKhAN-114 volatile inhibitor

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1 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Use of Machinery and Oil Products, Novo-Rubezhnyi per., 28, Tambov, 392022, Russian Federation
2 Tambov State Technical University, Sovetskaya str., 106, Tambov, 392000, Russian Federation
3 Derzhavin State University, Internatsyonalnaya str., 33, Tambov, 392000, Russian Federation
4 Angara GmbH, In der Steele 2, D-40599, Düsseldorf, Germany

Abstract: The possibility of preventing local corrosion of carbon steel St3, copper M2 and two-phase (α + β) brass L62 in an atmosphere with 100% relative humidity of air containing up to 0.6 vol.% CO2, 60 mg/m3 NH3, 30 mg/m3 H2S and IFKhAN-114 volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) was studied. The suppression of the local corrosion of carbon steel St3 and copper, which are constituents of the steel/copper, steel/brass and copper/ brass macro galvanic pairs, was evaluated in the presence of IFKhAN-114 in the second series of the experiments. The combined metal samples consisting of an outer metal ring 2.8 cm in diameter, into which a washer of metal of a different nature with a diameter of 2.0 cm was inserted through a tight fit, were used for corrosion tests of contact galvanic pairs. When assessing the effect of VCI on the overall corrosion rate of the above-mentioned steel/copper, steel/brass, and copper/brass galvanic pairs, their integral corrosion losses for 240 h per unit time were taken into account. Photography of the nature of the damage to the surface of the components of galvanic pairs was carried out after completion of corrosion tests and removal of corrosion products. It was shown that local corrosion of the macro-pair components in the form of ulcers and numerous pits observed in the presence of 0.60% CO2 or 0.2% CO2 + 20 mg/m3 NH3 + 10 mg/m3 H2S in uninhibited air, was hindered almost completely in the presence of the IFKhAN-114 inhibitor. The corrosion of these metals under these conditions is uniform, and the protective effect of the inhibitor is, %: 74 (steel), 99 (brass) and 60 (copper).

Keywords: ulcer corrosion, pitting, atmosphere, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, steel, brass, copper, volatile inhibitors, suppression

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2019-8-1-4

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