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Application experience and new approaches for volatile corrosion inhibitors

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Abstract: The efficiency and service life of a wide range of volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) are summarized and discussed. Important data, related to experiences in application of these VCIs, during last 10 years, is presented. It is shown that in most cases ferrous, non-ferrous, and multimetal VCI films, diffusers, and plastic strips make it possible to achieve a high efficiency of corrosion protection of metal parts and equipment during storage, shipping, and application of a wide range of spare parts and equipment in various industries. The existing and new VCI systems presented in this paper allow us to select the most effective type of metal preservation, based on different application conditions with required service life. New methods allow for a range of VCI applications to be reliably extended into new areas of applications, which are described. These existing and new technologies increase efficiency and service life and decrease the total cost of corrosion protection in Oil & Gas, Military, Automotive, Electronic, Electrical, and other industrial sectors.

Keywords: corrosion, inhibitors, films, diffusers, efficiency, service life, metals

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2015-4-2-176-191

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