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Another Giant passed away (To the memory of Prof. Giordano Trabanelli)

Abstract: Another Giant passed away A Life dedicated to the Family and to the Science With immense sadness the team of the Corrosion and Metallurgy Study Centre “Aldo Daccò” of the University of Ferrara announces the death of Prof. Giordano Trabanelli (retired, Emeritus Professor of the University of Ferrara), a well-known and highly esteemed scientist in the field of corrosion inhibition. Prof. Trabanelli studied the inhibition of the corrosion of metals, chiefly by organic compounds, both from theoretical and practical point of view. His works deal with inhibition of general and localized forms of corrosion, with particular emphasis on the mechanism of action of these substances and on the relationship between molecular structure and inhibitor performances. His scientific work, testified by numerous papers and well-known reviews on corrosion inhibitors, was greatly appreciated by the community of corrosionists that assigned him many international awards, such as Grande Médaille du CEFRACOR (1973); Médaille Cavallaro (1983); NACE Whitney Award (1991); AIM, Medaglia di Titanio (2002); Honorary Membership of the EFC (2003). He was also appointed to cover important roles, such as Chairman of the International Corrosion Council (1983–1987) and Chairman of EFC WP 1 on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition. Every 5 years from 1960 to 2005, he organized ten very successful European Symposia on Corrosion Inhibitors at the University of Ferrara. He founded and directed the Specialization School in Science and Technology of Corrosion Phenomena as well as the International School of Corrosion organized at the University of Ferrara (1982–1988). Notwithstanding the infirmity, which struck him at the apogee of his career and was supported with Christian resignation, he continued to work at the Corrosion Study Centre with unchanged enthusiasm for a long time. We, his collaborators, owe much to him and, like many other people, will always remember his great humanity and fortitude, coupled to scientific excellence. Now, we like to think that he is with his beloved wife, Lucia.

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