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A new corrosion inhibitor for zinc chamber treatment

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A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninsky pr. 31, Moscow, 119071 Russian Federation

Abstract: Thin organic films on metal surfaces can be obtained by adsorption of volatile (vapor-phase) inhibitors (VCI), which, despite the extremely small thickness, provide high corrosion resistance under various atmospheric conditions. However, there is a problem in the practical application of compounds with high vapor pressure, namely, the air-tightness of the joint packaging of VCI and metal products. Infringement of packing air-tightness entails desorption of VCI from the metal surface followed by its corrosion. A fundamentally new opportunity for creating thin films capable of preventing corrosion of metal products in a humid atmosphere during their transportation and inter-operation storage is opened by the treatment of an item or semi-finished product to be protected in hot vapors of non-toxic compounds with low volatility under normal conditions. They evaporate at elevated temperature (t) in the enclosed space of a chamber and strongly adsorbed on the metal to create stable thin films that provide a long-term protective after-effect under atmospheric conditions. This method of vapor-phase protection by chamber corrosion inhibitors has broad prospects of practical application. It has been proven by a complex of accelerated corrosion, electrochemical and optical methods that chamber treatment of zinc with vapors of low volatile corrosion inhibitors at t ≤ 100°C is capable of forming films on zinc surface that possess a prolonged protective after-effect. It has been shown that short-term chamber treatment in the vapor of a new inhibitor, IFKhAN-121, provides effective temporary protection of zinc, both in accelerated tests and when exposed in the industrial atmosphere of Moscow for 1 year.

Keywords: zinc, corrosion inhibitors, ellipsometry, EIS, corrosion tests, atmospheric corrosion, passivity

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