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A new approach to resolve problems in the corrosion protection of metals

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Abstract: It has been shown that corrosion damage of equipment at an oil refinery plant as a common organism is determined by the combined effect of the process media at all stages of operation. Corrosion charts of units have been composed. Methods for the protection of oil refinery plant equipment from local and downtime corrosion, issues of material selection for cladding of surfaces of vessels and pipelines, and an up-to-date scheme of inhibitor protection of oil processing units in operation have been discussed and proposed. A new approach to the choice of starting products and reactions for synthesizing versatile inhibitors of atmospheric corrosion is considered. A new versatile fungicide inhibitor, VNKh-L-408, has been synthesized using this approach.

Keywords: oil refinery plants, process media, corrosion charts, local corrosion types, scheme of inhibitor protection for oil refinery plants, versatile corrosion inhibitors

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2013-2-2-092-101

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