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Call for Papers & Instructions for the Authors

The International Journal of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition (Int. J. Corros. Scale Inhib.) publishes original papers and reviews dealing with the theory and practice of metal protection by inhibitors.

Manuscripts shall be submitted to the editorial board in English via e-mail ( All manuscripts will be subject to reviewing.

A fee will be charged for all publications except analytical reviews and articles from Editorial Board members. The cost of publishing an article is currently 250 USA Dollars. The average publication time is 2-3 months. In addition, we offer the urgent publication service (within 2 weeks) for just 500 USA Dollars (if approved by a Reviewer).

Please use good English language in your articles. We often have to reject publications due to poor language quality. If possible, have your articles edited by native speakers. Alternatively, we can offer editing the language in articles by our experts. The cost of this service is 100 USA Dollars.

All manuscripts shall be provided in MS Word. It shall include: the title, authors (with their respective institutions and e-mail addresses), abstract (200-250 words), key words, text (recommended structure: Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusions), References (references to articles in the IJCSI are appreciated). Figures and Tables should be inserted at their preferred positions in the text. Figures shall be preferably in conventional graphic formats with the best quality available.

References shall be provided in the format as shown in the examples below (for more examples, please see the recently published articles on this site). The initials of all contributors should precede the last names (example: N.N. Andreev). Where possible, the journal titles should be abbreviated as provided in the CAS Source Index (CASSI). Please add any available Internet links (DOI, etc.) to the cited sources. Please also provide the paper titles, especially in reviews.

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