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Preservative materials based on vegetable oils for steel protection against atmospheric corrosion. I. Colza oil

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1 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Use of Machinery and Oil Products, Novo-Rubezhnyi per., 28, Tambov, 392022, Russian Federation
2 Derzhavin State University, ul. Internatsyonalnaya, 33, Tambov, 392000, Russian Federation
3 Tambov State Technical University, ul. Sovetskaya, 106, Tambov, 392000, Russian Federation

Abstract: The protective efficiency of a formulation based on low erucic colza oil against carbon steel corrosion in salt solution (0.5 M NaCl), in a thermal moisture chamber and under natural conditions has been studied. The following formulations have been used: (1) colza oil (CO) without inhibiting additives; (2) CO with addition (1–10 wt.%) of synthetic fat acids bottoms (SFAB); and (3) CO with the IFHAN-29A anticorrosion additive (20 wt.%). Corrosion tests and electrochemical measurements have been conducted. Protective CO coatings are not efficient in the presence of chloride ions but provide a high protective efficiency under natural conditions.

Keywords: colza oil, steel, protection, atmospheric corrosion

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2016-5-1-5

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