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Adsorption and passivation of copper by triazoles in neutral aqueous solution

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1 A. N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninskii pr. 31, Moscow, 119071 Russian Federation
2 Voronezh State University, Universitetskaya pl. 1, Voronezh, 394006 Russian Federation

Abstract: The relationship between hydrophobicity of triazoles and their adsorption and passivation ability in relation to copper is analyzed. Adsorption of triazoles on oxidized copper surface is polymolecular. Adsorption of the first monolayer is described by Frumkin equation with the free energy of adsorption in the range of 51–70 kJ/mol. Certain triazoles are able to effectively inhibit anodic dissolution of copper in neutral chloride solutions. The possible spatial arrangement of the triazoles on the surface of oxidized copper is revealed.

Keywords: triazole, 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole, triazole derivatives, copper, monolayer, passivity, free energy of adsorption

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doi: 10.17675/2305-6894-2014-3-2-137-148

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