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A new monograph on atmospheric corrosion and protection of metals has been issued

A.A. Mikhailov, Yu.M. Panchenko and Yu.I. Kuznetsov, Atmospheric Corrosion and Protection of Metals, Ed. Yu.I. Kuznetsov, Tambov, R.V. Pershin Publishing House, 2016, 555 pp., ISBN 978-5-91253-655-7 (in coverRussian).

The monograph generalizes the results of laboratory and atmospheric full-scale corrosion tests of metals under numerous national and international programs since the 1940s. Special attention is paid to structural metals, for which a corrosion mechanism under thin electrolyte film is presented and the impact of climatic and aero-chemical factors on corrosion is analyzed. Experimental data on their corrosion resistance for 1–20 years in various regions of the world are provided. Mathematical models for long-term prediction of mass loss of metals due to corrosion are reviewed. Some regions of the world are mapped in terms of corrosion resistance of materials. Information on corrosion of stainless steel and cast iron, Mg, Ni and their alloys is given. The corrosion resistance and period of technical suitability of materials used in tool engineering and in electric contacts (galvanic coatings from precious metals, Ni, Cu, Pb and Sn) is considered. Methods and means for temporary protection from atmospheric corrosion are reviewed, namely: contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors, passivation of metals, and creation of an external environment eliminating the thermodynamic probability of metals corrosion. Means to protect metals from atmospheric corrosion using conversion (oxidation of steel and aluminum alloys, phosphatizing, rust solvents), paint and lacquer and galvanic coatings are presented.

The book is intended for metallographers, engineers and design engineers who, not being experts in corrosion, deal with its occurrence in their work and face the need for corrosion protection of metal items. Moreover, this book may be used as a reference for professionals engaged in design, construction, building, maintenance and repair of structures and buildings.


The third International Conference “Fundamental Aspects of Corrosion Material Science and Protection of Metals from Corrosion”

The Organizing Committee of the III International Conference “Fundamental Aspects of Corrosion Material Science and Protection of Metals from Corrosion”, dedicated to the 115-th birth anniversary of G.V. Akimov, Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, invites you and your colleagues to take part in the Conference to be held on April 18–20, 2016 in Moscow at A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry (Russian Academy of Sciences).